Join the Munch Network

Be one of the first local eateries to join our network! We offer a great amount of perks and rewards for eateries who wish to do so!

Certified Eatery Perks


1. Appear on our mobile app

  • Get real estate on our mobile application

2. Eatery Dashboard (app)

  • Details how many customers you've received through us, how much    they spent, and who your top shoppers are!

3. Endorsements (positive reviews)

  • Negative reviews are a thing of the past! No need to worry about your eatery being ruined by one bad rating since there will be none.This is how consumers will emphasize what you guys are doing right, not wrong.

4.  Rewards for you

  • Top earners through us stand to receive anything from free advertisement on our end, all the way to a gift card to a restaurant depot!

5. Rewards for your consumers

  • Your customers will earn 50 - 100% more $MNCH coins than your average local eatery.

All we ask is that you provide a up-to date online menu for us to link consumers to when looking at your location.  


Interested in joining?

Drop us a line, and we'll contact you back to go over the process!