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Support your local establishments.

In a world where everything is quickly becoming digital and online, it can be hard for eatery owners to conform to today's standards of being online. This is where we come in! We offer our rewards system to local food establishments as an incentive for customers to buy there rather than any other fast food corporate establishments. Power to the people!


Get Rewarded for Eating!

 Eat at one of our local certified eateries and get rewarded in our cryptocurrency, $MNCH for doing so!  Simply submit your MEW ETH address and receipt proving you did so and that's it! 


Our Goal?

Our goal is to bring people back to their local eateries! Entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges when attempting to open or sustain their own business, so all we aim to do is both help them out and reward the consumer for doing so!

The MunchTeam


Hunter Brea

Stephen Serulle

Stephen Serulle

Founder, CEO


Stephen Serulle

Stephen Serulle

Stephen Serulle

Chief Operating Officer


Mike Fulton

Christopher Dubois

Christopher Dubois

Chief Technological Officer


Christopher Dubois

Christopher Dubois

Christopher Dubois

Technological Engineering

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