About Us

The New Way to Get Rewarded for Eating

MunchCoin currently exists for one main purpose, to be the worlds first blockchain-based food rewards system for the food you buy daily from your local eateries. We will be working on building a list of vendors that accept MunchCoin, which will be achieved by continuously growing the Munch Community, as well as the amount of exchanges we will be on.

Become an Early Adopter

In a world where everything is quickly becoming digital and online, be the first of one of your friends to say that you own yourself MunchCoin, and not to mention, for FREE! We will be giving away a certain amount of MunchCoin for free through our bounty program.

Why Us?

Our goal is to be the biggest community token focused on food reward as well as tending to our soon to be HUGE community. We plan on being the biggest in cryptocurrency news by bringing the blockchain to the food industry, and what better way than a rewards system?

How does it work?

The Rewards System

The MunchCoin rewards system will work on a "halving" basis. Starting with 1 billion tokens, MunchCoins will be dedicated to rewarding whomever spends U.S. dollars at a partnered eatery after submitting their receipt coupled with their ETH address to our support email, starting with a USD to MNCH ratio of 1:2.

For example,

             MNCH Rewards Supply      |   USD:MNCH

 1,000,000,000 - 500,000,000  |  1:2

499,999,999 - 250,000,000     |  1:1

249,999,999 - 125,000,000     |   2:1

124,999,999 - 62,500,000       |  4:1

62,499,999 - 0                         |   6:1

The rewards system will be MunchCoin's main purpose for a while, our team is currently coming up with more use-cases for MunchCoin, if you have an idea please do no hesitate to let us know (If we end up using it you will be rewarded accordingly!).







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